Configuring port forwarding on your home gateway, wireless access point, or broadband router, effectively punching a static hole so that your port 80 on your external WAN IP maps to port 80 for the internal IP address of your device An alternative solution for Mac OS X and Windows is to use the Apple Bonjour utility and configure the

You will need to use something else in conjunction with the hosts file to redirect the port (Mangle the TCP header by altering the destination port). With iptables: Does MAC OS use iptables / netfilter (I didn't think it did)..? If OS X uses iptables you could point … Port Forwarding - Overview To access FileMaker Server from a remote location, your router must be configured with port forwarding rules that redirect incoming traffic to the server’s location on your network. Port forwarding rules contain the following information: port number (5003, 16000, 80, 443, or 2399) destination IP address (formatted as Port Forwarding Help | Mac-Forums: The Everything Apple

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Well, I can tell you how I do that sort of thing on my Mac OS X 10.5.8 system. I started on an answer about NAT, but I think you actually want a TCP forwarder program instead (you mention 'proxy' and port forwarding.) Port Forwarding Wizard (free version) download for Mac OS X Download Port Forwarding Wizard 1.7.1 for Mac from our software library for free. This program was developed to work on Mac OS X 10.6 or later. This program was developed to work on Mac OS X … Setting a Static IP Address in Mac OS X 10.4 - port forward

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Port Forwarding Wizard for Mac: Free Download + Review May 13, 2016 macOS Sierra Part 5: Port Forwarding - YouTube Nov 14, 2016 Port Forwarding | Mac Support May 02, 2006 TCP and UDP ports used by Apple software products