Disabling IPv6 to speed up your computer and network

Guidance for configuring IPv6 in Windows for advanced users Important Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is a mandatory part of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 and newer versions. We do not recommend that you disable IPv6 or its components. If you do, some Windows components may not function. We recommend that you use “Prefer IPv4 over IPv6” in prefix policies instead of disabling IPV6. Are you disabling IPv6? Maybe you should stop — and here’s why Dec 14, 2018 What is IPv6, and why aren’t we there yet? | Network World IPv6 has been in the works since 1998 to address the shortfall of IP addresses available under Ipv4, yet despite its efficiency and security advantages, adoption is still slow.

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What is IPv6, and why aren’t we there yet? | Network World

Aug 01, 2012 How do I set up an IPv6 Internet connection on my Nov 28, 2016 Reasons for IPv6 | IPv6 Now IPv6's vast address space means direct node-to-node addressing, better for performance and security. IPv6 removes the need for stopgap conservation techniques such as multiple levels of NATs (network address translators), which slow connectivity, hinder troubleshooting and … IPv6 test - IPv6 vs. IPv4 broadband speed test