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I'm trying to control multiple instances of OpenVPN's TAP driver in windows via tapinstall. It seems that because all of the devices have the same HWID -- 'tap0901' -- I'm unable to remove any single one with tapinstall -- all of them disappear when i issue. tapinstall.exe remove tap0901 Furthermore, when I do install another instance with TAP-Windows 9.24.2 version 9.24.2 by OpenVPN Technologies Nov 01, 2019 Windows XP OpenVPN TAP installation, "devcon.exe failed Sep 19, 2018 Tap Windows Adapter V9 Nordvpn 9.21.2 Driver Download

Sep 19, 2018

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KIS2019 and OpenVPN TAP Driver Version

Windows 10 - No Tap Adapters found - Getting Started value data=TAP-Windows Adapter V9 disable and enable TAP-Windows Adapter V9 in device manager >network adapters to reinitialize the driver with the newly added ComponentId Users with Kaspersky Internet Security install might still have issues after following this tutorial. Chocolatey Software | OpenVPN 2.4.7 Mar 23, 2019 OpenVPN installation - cant install TAP-Win32 device driver