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2012 SCC 53 (CanLII) | R. v. Cole | CanLII

The Court of Appeal held that Mr. Cole had a reasonable expectation of privacy in the informational content of the laptop, but that this expectation was “modified to the extent that [Mr. Cole] knew that his employer’s technician could and would access the laptop as part of his role in maintaining the technical integrity of the school’s information network” (para. 47). Supreme Court of Canada: Employees’ Rights to Privacy with by Sean Bawden — Labour Pains In an update to my earlier post Employees’ Rights to Privacy with Work Equipment, the Supreme Court of Canada has released its decisions in the case of R. v. Cole, 2012 SCC 53. The decision was released October 19, 2012. Workplace privacy - Wikipedia

Rep.Tom Cole: Congress should pass another major pandemic

Privacy and Employer-Issued Computers in the Workplace