Sep 28, 2016

Can Someone Track My Location When I Send Them An Email? Would it be discernible to the same person that my IP is no longer in city X, but in city Y? With many thanks and appreciation, - Traceable Tracy . You’re correct, your IP address is sent in the header of every email you send. That IP address is unique to the network … Why do other people have the same IP address as me? The external IP address is used to identify your computer to other systems on the Internet. For example, whenever you access a website, the web server can recognize and record your external IP address. Since your IP address is publicly available and may be shared by multiple computers, it is important to know what devices are connected to your

A global IP address (or public IP address) is how the rest of the internet sees any device on your network. Because this is network-specific, your the global IP will be the same whether you’re using your phone, desktop, or other device at home.

So, while it is possible someone can geo-locate you by knowing your phone’s IP address (which changes every time you leave your house and come back, as well as every time your device finds a new network to connect to), it is incredibly unlikely due to the nature of cellular data networks and wi-fi routers. Hide Your IP Address on iPhone, iPad: How to Stay Private Feb 10, 2020

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Enter ip address trace to house. Can people report you to the police using an ip address? Can the police trace my iphone ip address? Ip address with phone number and his address trace. Im on sec. 8. can my boyfriend use my address as only his mailing address since he is homelss until things straighten out or can i get in trouble? Can a VPN really hide your IP address? If not, how do you Yes a VPN will hide your IP address. Can it be traced back to your assigned IP address, it depends. Most VPN providers have some records of your connect to them, and the assigned IP address they give you. Most do not keep those records very long. The Many Ways Websites Track You Online