How to Turn a Linux Server into a Router to Handle Traffic

Setting up a Linux-Based Home Server – Part 1 – A home server is a server that is used in a residence that provides services to those that live there. Having a home server is a convenient way to provide access these things on a variety of devices you may already own such as smartphones, tablets, laptop PC’s, media devices like … Build your own DNS name server on Linux | Apr 07, 2017 How to have a Linux home server on the cheap | PCWorld Apr 03, 2017 How to Turn a Linux Server into a Router to Handle Traffic

Nov 13, 2014

Oct 05, 2017 · Securing Linux Server is essential to protect our data from the hackers. But securing a server doesn’t require to be complicated .We should adopt a method that will protect our server from the Jun 13, 2011 · Make sure to configure the bridge section (shown above) to match the correct information for your network. Save that file and restart networking. Now it’s time to start configuring the VPN server. Creating Certificates. The OpenVPN server will rely on certificate authority for security. Server basically refers to the software suite that serves hosts(clients). Common server softwares are Apache HTTP Server, Microsoft IIS, Google Web Server. They

Apr 29, 2020

I want to verify that my client is running DHCP and at least attempting to talk to a DHCP server. Figure 1. This is actually expected behavior, since I haven’t yet configured the Linux box to answer the client requests. But it does verify that the client machine is in the correct state because it tries in vain to contact a DHCP server. How To Make Your Linux Server More Secure -