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Cyber criminals have targeted thousands of TV licence holders as part of a sophisticated email campaign designed to trick people into giving up their payment details. Action Fraud revealed it has Free TV licence: Campaigners launch last-ditch bid to save 2020-7-23 · Free TV licence: Campaigners launch last-ditch bid to save OAPs from paying £157.50 CAMPAIGNERS yesterday launched a final rallying call as they attempt to stop the scrapping of free TV … - Action - Defund The BBC

The BBC have made the licence fee rules deliberately unclear, in order to keep people coughing up. That is not right. We will develop and distribute guidance material to raise awareness and deliver clarity on the legal implications of cancelling your TV licence now, so that you can do so without worry.; The BBC’s system for catching and prosecuting non-licence fee payment is discriminatory

SABC TV Licences 2020-7-20 · Forgetting to renew your TV licence means a penalty of 10% per month to a maximum of 100% per annum. So, paying by annual debit order is the most convenient way to ensure that this never happens. You may now also pay online now by using your credit card, or online at your own banking website using the TV Licences account details, or go to the

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