The Trouble with Numeric and Fake-looking Chinese Email

SCARS|CDN Anyscam: Report Scammer Email Addresses Fraudster Email Addresses Please report all scammer/fruadster email addresses here! This helps us help other potential victims to the danger. Your report will be automatically uploaded and distributed by the SCARS Compliant Scamalytics/RSN Anti-Scam Data Reporting Network. 'Email Termination Has Been Processed' Phishing Scam However, the email is not from “Mail Control” or any other legitimate sender and the email termination claim is a lie. Instead, the message is a phishing scam designed to steal my email account password. I’ve been receiving dozens of these scam emails to some of my old Hoax-Slayer email addresses lately. How to report a scam: Full list of contact details for Jun 03, 2019

** All email addresses have been reported by individuals through the reporting forms on this website (email addresses reported on other SCARS|CDN™ Entry Points are not visible here for security reasons.) Emails addresses have been reported as being used by scammers. Email addresses are presented as reported. Additional Emails Reported

Many such scammers' email Ids have been reported to be 'scammers email addresses'. Ripandscam maintains an updated database of all reported scammer's email Ids. If you suspect that you are being the victim of a scam or if an email doesn't look like a genuine email or you suspect it to be a scammer's email address, then you can verify using the Craigslist Email Scams: Be Careful Who You Respond To

Stop 419 Advance Fee Fraud: Identifying Scam Email Addresses

How to verify an email address so you don't get scammed